Nearly drowned and back to life with a clue in his hands

The last we got to know was that Torak plunged into the water and did not come up again for some time. We would not get to know that either in the next chapter, though we can read some of his flow of consciousness, struggling and fighting with the mighty flewing river water. At least Torak had some visions in which the Hidden People came and wanted his souls. Well, at least, Torak can return to the surface, not without taking something with him from the ground he will need to negotiate with the World Spirit helping him. Some pearls that lay there like a deep sight and therefore fit to fulfil a part of a riddle which is his only clue for the things he’ll need to arrange an agreement with the World Spirit.
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Torak’s unforseeable escape and their journey with three of them

We left Torak, the Tall Tailless, as Wolf calls him and the little Wolf cub at chapter nine and will now resume the story following up till chapter fourteen. Torak was bent to a roofpost from Oslak and Wolf bent to the same roofpost with a leash. A clan meet is summoned and the different clan members are discussing their views on the prophecy. Torak does not know yet that there exist at least two different interpretations of the prophecy. In one he will be sacrificed and his heart’s blood will be taken to the Mountain of the World Spirit.
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Captured, fighting and to fulfil a clan’s prophecy

Torak and Wolf have been captured by three hunters, one one of them a girl called Renn, anotherone a boy named Hord and the adult Oslak, a giant of a person. They take them to their camp, because Torak has hunted in their territory. Although he didn’t know that because he had not been to any clan meetings for a long time, Torak should be killed for his robbery of prey. He killed the buck that does not belong to him, or his territory. Law is law and though Torak uses his only chance, and insists on another law he learned from his father that makes it possible to fight for the prey.
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unknown chapter?!

As for the last chapter was a bit longer then the others I will summarize it a way shorter as the others before. Probably I won’t go any further in detailed explanation, because there aren’t many aspects worth mentioning. It also maybe that I will try to summarize more as one single chapter at once. Though in the sixth chapter we are presented again both points of view, Torak’s and the cub’s. Though we get to know that Torak calls the cub Wolf now and that the cub has named Torak as Tall Tailless, just because Torak does not have a tail like wolf’s normally do.
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The fever is gone

After a night of trembling, Torak wakes up again and feels the fever left his body, his wound even does not feel sour any longer. He is looking out for food and is going round the traps he has set up. A woodgrouse is kept in one of these and if we hadn’t before, we now become aware of the fency habits of Torak’s. Michelle Pavers book obviously is meant as a child book but in this case it reveals revoltingly as a book for at least older children or grown ups. It’s just that she sums up in a sentence or two, how Torak “snapped its (the woodgrouse’s) neck, slit its belly and gulped the warm liver down raw” (p. 30).
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Obviously the fourth chapter is a very short one which just gives the reader a short impression on Torak’s physical condition, not like a case report, but more as a description of his situation being ill and left alone in the forest. Torak has to fix his wound. Therefore he uses barks of a willow to make a pasture to smear on his wound. His fever is fighting against him and in the moment he tries to sleep he is pulled into a nightmare.
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First sniffing of each other

Perhaps you might have thought that the titles of my posting here are somehow related to the book’s names of the different chapters. It’s just that they’re numbered from one to thirty-two. What my postings are entitled with is somehow like a brief summary of the chapter’s plot. The third chapter though presents us two different points of view. Torak’s and the one of the wolf cub. We’re introduced to the way, the little wolf cub sees and experiences his environment. It’s somehow sweet but we’re are not presented a huge change of the story’s plot yet.
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Meeting the wolf cub

As you were told before, Torak now is straying around in the “Deep Forest” alone. In the second chapter of Michelle Paver’s book Wolf Brother most of what the reader is told is meant to be a description of the forrest surrounding Torak. He remembers the times he spent in the forrest’s glades and slopes together with his father. On his way through the woods he is shown another of the bear’s prey, a dead herd of forrest horses. Torak is reminded of the bear’s evil and demonic spirit, just for it did not kill this herd for hunger but for pleasure.
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Fa’s death

Obviously the death of his father is what the reader will remind after he red the first chapter of Michelle Paver’s book Wolf Brother. Torak is a twelve year old boy, who had to be grown up as a native together with his father not close to men but close to nature. Torak’s father is revealed to have been a hunter and the reader will notice some secrets around Torak’s person still to become unravelled. After an attack of a more than usual bear and a horrifying night Torak woke up beside his wounded and dying father. He has to swear an oath on searching for the “Moutain of the World Spirit”, though he not yet knew what this all will come out in the end.
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